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Prof. Ken Mayhew – Project PI

Prof. Ken Mayhew is the Principal Investigator on the DUVE projects as well as the Director of the SKOPE research centre (Skills Knowledge and Organisation Performance) based at Department of Education at University of Oxford He is the Professor of Education and Economic Performance at Oxford University and Fellow in Economics at Pembroke College. He started his career in Her Majesty’s Treasury, was Economic Director at the UK National Development Office, and has been a consultant to many public and private sector organisations at home and abroad. His major research interests are in labour economics, HRM, and the economics of education and training.

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Dr. Susan James

Dr. Susan James – Project PI

Dr. Susan James is Co-PI on the DUVE projects and is responsible for project management. Susan is also the Assistant Director of SKOPE. Susan’s entire career has been in education; she has taught in secondary schools in Australia and England. Her research interests include: VET systems and policy, apprenticeships, school-to-work transitions, work-based learning, on-the-job and off-the-job training, pedagogy in formal and informal settings, and low skill and low wage occupations.  She is currently researching vocational excellence and working on a project mapping the skills industry.

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Dr. Maia Chankseliani – Research Officer

Dr. Maia Chankseliani had joined SKOPE in October 2012 as a Research Officer to work on the DUVE project led by Dr. Susan James. The research incorporates two overlapping studies focusing on young people who compete in international skills competitions. Maia’s primary area of expertise is post-secondary education – workforce development/ employability.

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Jennifer Allen – Research Officer

Jennifer Allen is a graduate student member of SKOPE and currently working towards the completion of her doctorate at the Department of Education at the University of Oxford. Her research interests include higher education, further education, student experiences, and graduate employment.

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Marta Mordarska – Research Officer

Marta Mordarska joined SKOPE in November 2010 as Administrative Officer. She holds an MSc in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition from University of Oxford. She began work as a Research Officer at SKOPE in January 2013. Her research interests include: apprenticeships and work based learning.

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Emma Miller – Administrator

Emma Miller joined SKOPE in 2006 as an Administrative Officer. She is now the Administrator on this and other SKOPE projects.

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