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Our research

The DuVE suite of projects,

Developing and Understanding Vocational Excellence (DuVE)  is a suite of six research projects focusing on groups of individuals involved in developing vocational excellence through skills competitions. By understanding the process of learning and training, and the environments in which this happens, we can begin to understand the good practice occurring, and the potential it has to feed back into the VET system more generally.

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Who are we?

Vocational Excellence Research Team

  • Prof. Ken Mayhew
  • Dr. Susan James
  • Dr. Maia Chankseliani
  • Dr. Stephanie Wilde
  • Jennifer Allen
  • Marta Mordarska
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We have disseminated our findings from the DuVE projects through a number of avenues. Our publications, research briefs and presentations can be found here.

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Vocational Excellence Blog

Please share your ideas and comments about vocational excellence.

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